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Hi there,

Just wanted to ask if anyone knows of good social groups which have meetings in Glasgow and might be suitable for a shy person? I will go first.

This was formed out of a previous incarnation of a Shyness group

This online community has quite a few Scottish members. Around 2002 or 2003 there were quite regular meets of Glasgow members. These are starting back up again in a more modest way. I think you need to register with the site before you get to see the meets area where meetups are discussed and organised.

This is a professionally run group for shy and socially anxious people in Glasgow. I have been once and found their approach (which uses NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming) very interesting. Please note there is a charge of £10 per meetup for this group, however a friend recently sent me a text after attending his first meet saying it was the best £10 he had spent in quite a while.

This is a group I am a member of which is aimed at everyone, not for shy people in particular. However I wanted to highlight it in case anyone here found themselves in the position of wanting to see films, not wanting to go on their own, yet not having someone to go with either. I have only been to one of their events so far but I was made very welcome by the group's Organiser, Malcolm. So I would have no hesitation in recommending this to others. Occasionally they have non-cinema meetups in a coffee shop or pub specifically for new members to make them feel more at ease about going to the regular meets.

I'd be very interested in hearing positive recommendations for these or other groups from members. Who knows maybe we could even hold a joint meet event with one of these groups someday. So in order to keep good relations please don't post anything slagging off a group in this discussion thread :-)



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Venue Suggestions


A Saturday or Sunday afternoon meet at a Wetherspoons?

I have enjoyed both coffee shop meets and pub meets in Glasgow city centre. There are several options, including:-

1) Having a coffee shop only meet at the Beanscene at Charing Cross.

2) Having a coffee shop meet at the Beanscene then those who wish can continue the meet at the Hengler's Circus Wetherspoon's on Sauchiehall Street.

3) Having a pub meet (of course they serve coffee and soft drinks for those who don't drink!) at the Edward Wylie Wetherspoon's.

I guess different people will have different things that suit them better depending on whether they are coming by bus, train, or car. I would be happy with any of the above, and am also interested in hearing other people's suggestions too.


A leisurely Saturday afternoon at Cafe Mono?

Only yesterday (15th May) I had a really enjoyable meet with some people from Social Anxiety UK at Cafe Mono, which is at 12 Kings Court (near King Street). You can put their postcode G1 5RB into to get a better idea where it is. If you have a look at their web site

you can see they serve a variety of vegan food. The spicy chips were the best deal they had a nice coating of herbs and a generous amount for £2.95. Later I bought bangers and mash which I didn't like the taste of so much. And of course if you think the food is a little pricey you can eat at home beforehand.

I liked that this venue was not too busy, it had music playing but not too loudly, and it had a "chilled out" ambience. As you would expect drinks were a bit dearer than at a Wetherspoons (I think I paid £3.25 for a pint) but I think if you are only having 2 or 3 in total it's worth paying a little extra sometimes for the nicer atmosphere.

Anyone interested in giving it a try?



I have been to Mono a couple of times and it has a lovely relaxed ambience. I can't remember if it serves only vegetarian food, but even if it does it would be an opportunity for devoted carnivores to discover how delicious meat-free food can be.

As Colin discovered, it is best to avoid the 'look-alike, smell-alike, but don't really taste-alike' meat substitutes, especially if they have celebrity names attached to them.

I struggled to find the place the first time I went, hidden as it is in the corner of a little mall diagonally opposite 13th Note, so I made this map on Google.


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