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How did you find this site? Was it through Google, or a recommendation from a friend? Perhaps you found this site through a link from another site while searching for information about your shyness. This group is for both people who see themselves as simply shy and for those who have a degree of Social Anxiety. Although I (Colin speaking here) am quite shy with only a moderate amount of social anxiety, I have found that by looking up information about SA and joining an SA online community, then going to their meets, my shyness has been greatly helped. You may not even have heard of the term “social anxiety” or reject that label for yourself but I would encourage you to investigate further with an open mind. Take it from author Gillian Butler. She states “Clearly, shyness and social anxiety are close relatives. There is too much overlap in their symptoms and their effects, and there are many reasons to suppose that the strategies that have been shown to be helpful in overcoming social anxiety are also valuable for overcoming shyness“.

So if you think you are socially anxious, don’t rule out joining a shyness group as you may find much in common with the people there. Don't worry that people who are "merely" shy will be too extroverted for you to deal with; from going to shyness meets in the past many shy people seem quite timid while some socially anxious people have got through life hiding it behind a mask of seeming chattiness.







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