An Introduction

We have all heard the saying that you won't make any friends or partners sitting at home and watching TV. So where is it possible to go and meet people if you are shy and so don't have someone to bring with you?

* There are certainly plenty of Glasgow groups which are worth a look, for example movie lovers and book groups.

* I also enjoyed chatting with (but didn't make any lasting friends) doing Spanish night classes at Centro Lorca - see (very near Glasgow Central Station). It was a bit pricey compared to local colleges but I liked that all the teachers were either from Spain or Latin America, and I was working then so I could afford it.

* I can imagine that seeing concerts in small local venues it might be possible to start up a conversation too, but I think I am too shy for that. There is a group in Glasgow for going to gigs though which would make it a lot easier. I guess it would be possible to make friends through a group like that then you could do things together outside of scheduled meets.

* Volunteering is another possibility - there are many opportunities shown on the web site - you just put in your postcode and can see the ones nearest you first.

* I guess it's possible to become a "regular" by choosing a local cafe, bar, or coffee shop and just going there often to read the newspaper and hopefully eventually get your face know by the other locals. I am guessing maybe an Irish pub like Failte on St Vincent Street might have more chatty people than a regular one, since it has regular folk music (Thursdays to Sunday evenings I think). Personally I am not into the bar scene much I would find going on my own a struggle. I haven't really become a regular anywhere - my closest thing has been going to the Go Slow Cafe on 452 Victoria Road (near Queen's Park) quite often, where Rose the owner always gives everyone a friendly hello and it seems less impersonal that the big chain coffee places.

* Maybe it's possible to meet people if you become a regular at a gym. Often people seem engrossed in their workout though so I am not sure if they'd welcome a stranger starting a conversation. Still, you never know. I would recommend the pay-as-you-go gyms run by local councils more than the monthly direct debit where you commit to a minimum of 12 months. SO many people (myself included) have signed up with good intentions, only gone a few times, but had to pay around £360 because they agreed to a contract of minimum 12 months. Buyer beware!

Has anyone had success meeting new people through any of the above methods? What has been your experience - good or bad - in trying them? And are there any other methods I haven't tried which might work?




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