When the internet began to appear I realised how important this was going to be in the future - a growing resource that would totally break down the information barrier. To allow the free exchange of information and communication between people I saw as a huge benefit that would be a bigger revolution to the world than the printing press. I wanted to be part of it and started experimenting with websites. I talked about it a huge amount with my friend Ian MacDonald; we came to the conclusion that there was huge scope for businesses and we decided to do a collaborative venture together. We felt that a site that gave information to enthusiasts and to newcomers to a subject we were interested in also had the opportunity to sell product. So the World Burns Club was born. We put a huge amount of information on this site and worked very hard at it. We did more on the information side than getting products sold and for various reasons it wasn't a selling success. We later joined up with the Robert Burns World Federation and eventually gifted the site to them, and I continued to maintain the site.


I like doing websites because there is an element of design and selecting what looks good to the eye. Sometimes I would be tearing my hair out with some of the technical problems when I couldn't get it to go right.


I did my company website and my brother Graeme's website for his boat charter venture.


Having Crohn's disease I was keen to find treatments that would help and I finished up doing the official website for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD).


When I became a keen sailor one way I knew I could benefit my club was to improve their online presence so I became involved in developing and maintaining that site too.



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