The Atheist Bus Campaign


Religious organisations have always been advertising their proposal by continually putting out their statements. They put up posters and banners outside their churches. They have been putting adverts on buses. Ariane Sharine whose idea this is had seen a Christian advert on buses which directed them to a Christian website which said that all non-Christians are going to burn in hell for all eternity. So Ariane created another advert to try to reassure people who might be worried by this that there probably isn't a God.



When I first heard about the campaign I thought "probably no god?" this doesn't represent me or any atheist I know. I could think of many better slogans. But then the advert isn't aimed at me, it is aimed at all the people who really don't have views very much for or against religion. They just don't care very much but they could be affected by being told they will burn in hell for eternity. So I think it is just right to provoke interest and help people question the statements put forward by religious organisations.


It is also really wonderful and a new approach that an alternative views should be put and I hope it is the first of an ongoing action to question religion, encourage thinking and debate. Some religious organisations have tried to stifle free speech by trying to get the ASA to ban the advert. However "The advertising watchdog the ASA has ruled that a controversial atheist ad campaign, which sparked the ire of Christian groups for proclaiming "There is probably no God", did not break its code." Religious organisations will now of course put out counter-adverts but that's good because it will make people think.


I was so taken with this new approach in this country that I decided to get the domain name "probably no god" and create this website so that if curious people out there decided to search they might find my website and I could put a rational view on the existence of God, and many other aspects of religion and evolution. I know I am joining the many websites already out here but the more there are that encourage debate and thinking, the better.



The Probability of God


I and most atheists would say that there is no evidence for a god; however, we can't rule out the possibility completely but the probability is very low indeed. No-one can rule out the possibility of an invisible pink elephant that floats outside my home three times every night, or the tooth fairy, goblins at the bottom of my garden, an invisible alien in my garage. We put the probability of God at the same sort of level. Here is an excellent article by Richard Dawkins on this subject:


The Improbability of God



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