What to say that I would want to be left of me? I hope I say something on this site that that makes somebody think or question the accepted way things are. I also hope you find some things of interest.


I think everyone wants to think that they were important and made a contribution when they were alive. I do too. I'd like to think I did some good things that people will remember me for and I know I've done and said some things that people will want to forget me for. As time goes by we all fade though and the influence we once were on others will fade.


A website going on after I am dead though is something relatively new. Has anyone else done websites like this? Would anyone else want to? I would like to carry on saying something that people will stumble across, maybe make them think, discuss and question. I hope to manage to get a good amount of content down in my time left, too.


Iain MacMaster


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