Accommodation in Ayrshire

Ayrshire has a wide variety of quality hotels and bed and breakfast establishments. Many have lovely settings with views over untouched countryside. The pricing varies in the hotels across Ayrshire ranging from £40 to £200 per night. When looking for accommodation look for the number of stars awarded from the Scottish Tourist Board and check websites where people have left feedback on their stays.

Book in advance as you may be disappointed if you arrive unprepared. Remember prices are at their peak in summer and are at their lowest in fall and winter.

Many hotels and B&B’s use local produce in their meals such as meat, milk and cheese. So you’re sure to know quality when you taste it. You will find the owners are pleased to offer their assistance whenever they can.

The award winning residences are the period building which still have many of their charming and quirky features which add to the character. Remember research is vital when planning a trip abroad.

Brig o'Doon Hotel, Alloway

Facilities in Ayrshire

Ayrshire has a vast range of facilities to meet your every need. Throughout Ayrshire many attractions will allow you to do so.

Ayr and Kilmarnock town centres can keep you amused all day with their variety of shops from market stalls to fancy boutiques and with friendly staff you will feel right at home. If you feel nervous using public transport in a strange country ... well don’t. The bus stations and tourist information centres can point you in the right direction.

If buses are not your thing then why not hire a car; it is stress-free and very simple. You can be on the road having the freedom to decide what you want to do and when.

Ayrshire has no shortage of restaurants with so many different ones catering for eclectic tastes. Most restaurants are reasonably priced and offer good quality meals.