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The World's Most Tolerant Cat?

Or the world's toughest dove? (Video: 1m 25s)


The Misunderstood Feral Cat

Chances are that you will come across stray and feral cats in your lifetime. These outdoor animals are often misunderstood. Whether you spot them in your backyard, around your office park, or while traveling abroad, misconceptions still prevail worldwide about stray and feral cats. Learning the facts can help overturn the myths and stop the overpopulation and mistreatment of homeless cats.


Introducing a cat or kitten to your home

When you take your new cat/kitten home, please do not introduce him/her to your other kitty immediately. Cats are territorial and it is best to put new kitty in his/her own room in the house, with his/her own litter tray, so that your other cat/cats can only associate her by smell.



First aid guidelines from the American Red Cross.


Trap, Neuter, Release in Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division is moving forward with a program that will immunize and sterilize loosely owned or feral cats before returning them to the neighbourhoods from which they came. Officials hope a program in the works this Fall will help save the lives of about a quarter of the cats that wind up in the pound instead of the one in a hundred that are saved now.


A Step Back From The Abyss

Justice for Miss Muffet in Zimbabwe.


Some good news for emigrating pet owners

The UK eases its restrictions on pets entering the country. Maybe now we won't have so many dogs left behind looking for homes when their owners leave the country.


Removing Kittens - The Consequences

by Dr Shelagh Hahn


Exposing The Beast

by J.M. Coetzee


Ian's Crossing

A story for Thanksgiving.


Grave of the Unknown Soldier

by Dr Shelagh Hahn, Bluebush Animal Clinic, Johannesburg


Landmark Foundation

Newsletter (June 2010) of the Landmark Foundation.


Tufcat Newsletter - August, 2010

Please note this is a 2.7 MB PDF document.



The Nowzad Dogs charity has been formed to do something positive for the cats, dogs and other animals of Afghanistan and Iraq that have no hope and nobody to care for them. We realise we cannot transport all of the stray dogs of Afghanistan and Iraq to loving homes, but we will do our best to promote animal welfare and to assist in vital animal aid work that is so desperately needed in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Veterinarians For Animal Welfare In Zimbabwe

Meryl Harrison rescued thousands of animals stranded on invaded farms during Zimbabwe's land redistribution. Meryl's mission was not about people or human rights but about animals and their welfare and there was no room for race, politics or prejudice.


Taming Feral Kittens

Feral cats are homeless cats, many of whom were born in the wild; others are pets who were abandoned or have become lost. They are for all intents and purposes wild animals. Those adult stray cats which were once owned, or feral cats of quiet temperament, may sometimes be tamed with patience. However, the feral kitten is often easily tamed if it is captured young enough. Considering the short miserable lives that feral cats suffer, those kittens which can be tamed and adopted by humans are indeed lucky.

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