Christopher Hitchens  

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The Trials of Henry Kissinger
[80 minutes]

Firing Line: Hitchens vs Buckley
[27 minutes]

Hitchens vs Al Sharpton (NYPL)
[89 minutes]

Would we be better off without religion?
[113 minutes]

The Catholic Church: A Force for Good?
[119 minutes]

[18 minutes]

Hitchens vs Dinesh d'Souza: The God Debate (Part 1)
[108 minutes]

Hitchens is never boring
[14 minutes]

Hitchens on Islam
[5 minutes]

Hitchens vs Turek: Does God Exist?
[127 minutes]

Hitchens vs Turek: What is reality?
[126 minutes]

Is Islam a religion of peace?
[91 minutes]

Is there an afterlife?
[98 minutes]

Religion Poisons Everything
[66 minutes]

Hitch's Ten Commandments
[8 minutes]

The Hitch, a tribute by Kristoffer Seland Hellesmark
[83 minutes]



Stephen Fry vs Ann Widdecombe
[10 minutes]

Stephen Fry: What are you for?
[1 minute]

Hitchens and Stephen Fry: The concept of Blasphemy
[80 minutes]


Five readings from Arguably
[14 minutes each]

New Orleans